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One of the biggest challenges in sticking to a healthy lifestyle is staying motivated. Whether it is eating healthy, not giving into the cravings, or simply getting your butt out of bed every morning and committing to your workout, motivation may just be one of the most difficult things to stay consistent with.

Sure it''s easy for the first few weeks when you are focused and riding high, but what about 2 months down the road when you just don''t want to workout?

Believe me, I have been there. No matter how many pictures I pasted to my fridge, how little junk food I kept in the house, or how much I tried to vary my workouts so I didn''t get bored, some days I just slipped up.

Fortunately, I discovered 3 magical little tricks that helped me stay focused, keep my goals in mind, and ultimately drag myself out of bed to get to bootcamp each week. Here is how I did it:

Have you ever noticed that some of the most dedicated athletes, or even your friends who live a healthy … [Read more...]

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