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Running and Nutrition » traction

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It’s snowing outside as I write this post. If I decide to run outdoors tomorrow, I’ll need something better than my usual running shoes. I’ll need to get a grip with that combination of ice and snow.

Here’s a way to convert an ordinary pair of running shoes into ones that can handle slippery and snowy streets and sidewalks. Get a handful of some small sheet metal screws and drill them into the soles of your shoes. Pick the thickest part of the shoes to avoid going all the way through as you insert these from the bottom. The head of the screw will end up on the bottom of the shoe, making contact with the ground. Stay away from the air or gel in the sole, if your shoes have these features. At least 5 screws per shoe should do the trick. Use only short screws 3/8″ to 1/2″ in length, otherwise you might feel these on the other side!

The design of the sheet metal screw is such that it will give you good traction and slip resistance on the road. If you have an alternate pair of seldom-used shoes to modify, this might be better than drilling into your current pair. Who says you won’t be able to run outdoors for lack of traction?

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