Yoga Classes: All About Them

Yoga Classes: All About Them

Yoga Classes have opened up in many cities throughout

the world now offering a wide selection of styles of yoga for

interested people. Apart from the differentiating styles and

approaches to teaching, they are also characterized by

considerations of economy: whether they offer free coaching

(philanthropic organizations do teach yoga for free) or charge

for teaching and if yes, how much.

Sometimes people also wonder about the course that suits them

culturally because people from diverse continents and cultures

have taken to yoga. Another aspect of learning yoga is the

availability of video/MP3 as well as online tutorials. Seen in

the backdrop of all these, where do live yoga classes stand

and what should the criteria for selection of good yoga

credit: Krishna Avanty SchoolThe alternatives named

above for learning are just multiple choices available today.

The selection of a method of learning is dictated by

individual circumstances & preferences: whether to learn in a

live session with your teacher along with a group or to learn

in the privacy of your drawing room. Check out the other

This article will tell you why & how you can select yoga

classes. First the why aspect of

You would select to learn at yoga schools primarily by the

following considerations:You feel it is beneficial to learn in a live session with

your teacher; well it is in many cases and

that is one of the strong reasons you should learn yoga at the

live classes. An exception though, is the live online teaching

which some web based services have now made it possible (more

on that in a separate article to follow)

You have the time and inclination to go to the studio and

You have a view that the required discipline & serious

effort will only come through in a live class

you were able to check out the place and talk to the

teachers and found them to be convincing

You have done your search and learnt about a good school

and learn that they only offer physical classes

And here is the how:Do your due diligence to locate an institute based on

credentials and feedback and convince yourself that it is the

Use online listings to find and compare alternatives

Look for feedback from current & past students

the style, approach & the faculty available at the

the ambience and quality of teaching including the

attention to details and involvement with learners to help them

the facilities the studio provides to support the learning

as for example place for groups to interact and share, books

and journals to enhance learning, workshops, retreats,

You may also like to check if the studio is affiliated or

USA provides information about both registered schools as

well as registered teachers. YA has set standards and

program guidelines and only those who comply are accorded

You may like to personally check out the school''s premises

to find out if there is adequate space for healthy

Last but not the least, the fee charged and what do you

get for the fee you pay

credit: Charles MaclnerneyNot every one will afford the expenses of attending yoga

classes. I am sure there are many philanthropic institutions

out there that conduct free yoga classes for the benefit of

such people. Some of them may charge nominal amounts to meet

their establishment overheads. It is not that they offer any

less in terms of teaching true yoga, pranayama or meditation.

They may be devoid of some luxurious environs but for a

holistic practice like yoga, the ultimate aim of which is

withdrawal from worldly attractions, it must be

considered less important.Baba Ramdevji and Sri Sri Ravishankarji

offer yoga and kriya classes for the masses in Yog

Shivir a.k.a yoga camps in India. Both have also/have

been conducting camps overseas. You could learn the basics in

such camps and then follow up with regular practice at home.

Or you could continue to advanced/repeat programs till you

learn sufficiently well and are able to continue on your own

further.My desire is to list everything about yoga classes in different areas/regions and compile feedback/reviews from users. If you like the idea you may Contact Me

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